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Given an array of positive and negative numbers. Find if there is a subarray (of size at-least one) with 0 sum.. Example 1: Input: 5 4 2 -3 1 6 Output: Yes Explanation: 2, -3, 1 is the subarray with sum 0. Example 2: Input: 5 4 2 0 1 6 Output: Yes Explanation: 0 is one of the element in the array so there exist a subarray with sum 0. Your Task: You only need to complete the function. While declaring an array, we allocate the memory to the array. We can also initialize the array during the declaration. At times, we may have to extract only some elements from an array. In this tutorial, we will create a subarray from another array in Java. Use the copyOfRange() to Create a Subarray From an Array in Java. Java provides us with.

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